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Ray53, post: 211928 wrote:
There are only 2 possibilities; It will be a great success or, we can comfort ourselves in knowing that we tried.

That is an awesome attitude!

What experience do you have with Tomcat and Java? Like Greg_M has stated you are going to need a serious Java programmer with server admin skills, which is hard to come by. Even if someone does have both skills, they may be awesome in one area but only OK in the other. As such you may need to look at splitting your requests in 2; getting a programmer and system admin to help. Or are you looking for a system admin to secure the hosting environment for you, while you configure the application?

What sort of hosting are you running at the moment? General web hosting or do you have your own server/virtual server? Tomcat is reallllllly RAM intensive, so I can’t imagine it running too well, if at all, on general web hosting.