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3ntr3pr3n3ur, post: 211998 wrote:
Hi Sally,

I love a good browse on Etsy…

Very much love your items…! So much so, I’ve favourited your shop :-)

As well as within private homes, the items have a bit of a commercial feel to them. i.e. I could see a number of your items adorning walls, shelevs, and counter tops, within coffee shops, cafes etc….

Your pricing appears very reasonable…

Only concern (not related directly to your query) “Australian delivery only”…

Best wishes with your new venture (baby and online store)…!



Many thanks Alan for your thoughtful reply, as well as the time you have taken to check out my shop!

I am not selling outside Australia until I get up and running a little bit better, it was something I thought about as a possible negative for me.

Thanks again!