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Hi Sally,

I think your products are gorgeous and think there is a good call for quality, hand made products that are unique.

Your pricing seems very reasonable and I don’t think you’d have a problem marketing your products.

As others have suggested, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram would be great avenues to investigate, but don’t get caught into marketing everywhere. Find where your target audience hangs out and concentrate on building a following there.

Are you products made to order? Can they be personalised? Or are they as seen on Etsy?

If you are doing made to order, you need to consider turn around times and how busy your may be.

I’d also make sure your photographs are better quality for a website. Some of them are a little dark. White backgrounds and lots of light is best.

As with every business that is starting out of taking a big direction in expanding, check out your competitors and see how your products and service compare. Are there a lot of these types of products available? How do yours stand out as better? Can you compete with cheaper, factory made products that are similar.

Just some food for thought, but I think your products are lovely.

Good luck with it all :)