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bb1, post: 211961 wrote:
First I think you need to find out what his position will be, serve out your one month notice even if you vacate, but pay for the dureation. He may not have a concern and let you have the bond back and all your worry is over nothing, if he does make a fuss than its time to look at what he wants. Dont panic till you know you need to.

As for the roller door, have you let him know of the issues, no good now that you are moving out trying to make it a bargaining chip, if you never advised him of a problem.

Thanks for your comment bb1. I’m really hoping it’s nothing but he’s not been pleasant to deal with. :( I have an email written to the agent (whom the landlord terminated a few weeks ago) two months after signing lease that says “I’ve brought your attention to the issue with the garage door many times and it’s disruptive to my client meetings when I have to move my car all the time, etc.” Does that count for anything?