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Hi SarahJane1978, and welcome to the forums :)

We’ve had a lot of conversations on the topic of clothing wholesalers here recently, so try entering terms like ‘fashion’, ‘clothing’ and ‘wholesale’ into the Search function in the grey bar above the forum. (You’ll probably need to trawl through lots of threads, but may find some links in amongst all the other info).

In addition, I highly recommend reading this article from experienced online fashion retailer Corryn Barker, which has just been published today: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/startup/business-start-up/starting-an-online-fashion-store-read-this-first and listening to this podcast, in which Robert interviews fashion industry expert (and long-time forumite) Elizabeth Formosa: https://soundcloud.com/flyingsoloau/48-starting-a-fashion-business

Hope that helps,