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Hi, nice looking website by the way – obvious money spent.
Gumtree ads are free, and they do have surprising reach – lots of folks look at them, so it is worthwhile if only for those reasons.
Google Adwords of course are effective, but not cheap. You may be surprised to discover that Facebook adverts can be extremely effective – the technology available is impressive, with targeting and re-targeting pixels – plus of course an awful lot of parents use Facebook, so the demographics fit – you could also consider setting up a Facebook community page, to attract membership. I know people often speak of ‘social media’ like it is a marketing panacea but in the case of your target market, it makes sense.
I would also look at some genuine SEO services to boost the organic traffic for the website. Use of Twitter, and forum posting also is a good option for education based websites. You could set up a blog also, posting good quality articles on the topics of your niche will stimulate organic traffic and get your website noticed by the search engines – blogging is actually very effective when done right.
Additionally producing some short promotional videos and uploading these to YouTube will create the opportunity to optimize them and have them appear in search engine search results, seeing a good quality video promoting your services will be impressive for the searcher and will overall boost your web presence.