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I note you have already been quoted 2 different SEO $ amounts at different ends of the spectrum.

Just a couple of points to consider when going down any adverising/SEO / marketing path.

1. Consider how many widgets you need to sell, just to pay for your SEO or other marketing, Say you went middle of the road and went down a $750.00 path, thats $750.00 worth of widgets you must sell, so if you are making $1 profit per widget, you have to sell 750 just to break even on your SEO or marketing strategy.

2. The best SEO if the the most expensive or the cheapest cannot guarantee one additional sale, and that applies even if they get you to page 1, ranking 1. And that applies if you go down the SEO, adwords, telemarketing, door knocking etc, etc path. NO marketing can guarantee you one additional sale.

So do we not advertise, No way, We all need to advertise, but they are 2 key considerations to remember when selecting any strategy, what cost can you afford to sink based on all possible resultant outcomes. .