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FS Forum Support, post: 212311 wrote:
Hi Alan,

Sounds cool.

To clarify, I assume you’re talking about boardroom/corporate/CEO decision-making (?), but you might also mean a professional sportsperson/coach, or pilot or ex-military.

Even for a lead, I’d consider looking for someone related to the specific area you’re targeting the course at. That way you get not only the course material, but you also get the credibility and specificity you need to do a good job of selling the workshop.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice Dave,

I’m taking quite a unique angle on this particular project so wanted the material to be generic as I expect to have to develop/adapt it considerably once sourced anyway.

I’m also relatively nervous about the IP involved here….

If this eliminates any opportunities for leads then I guess I have to accept that…

Thanks for the direction,