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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi There,

Craig is correct in what he says that the 301 redirect that redirects your main page through to the following URL is a problem. As you can see the URL is not very friendly and uses parameters to modify the content of the page.


The keywords you’ve chosen to rank for also don’t make much sense to me just in my brief review of your website. Ranking for a term such as “Sydney Piano” doesn’t make sense as the context of the keyword is ambiguous.

For example does someone want to buy a piano, do they want to rent a piano, are they looking for lessons in piano. The keyword needs to have better definition.The fact that you have tutors in your domain name might remove some of the ambiguity but it’s still not ideal. You would be better to change the URL above to something such as

http: //www.tutorsfield.com.au/piano-lessons/sydney/ or
http: //www.tutorsfield.com.au/sydney/piano-lessons/

The business and tutor listings are also not providing much benefit, for example this Maths tutor URL


Again, it’s not very friendly and would be better changed to something such as

http ://www.tutorsfield.com.au/melbourne/math-teacher/Ebony-sellers-vic-3000

When it comes to these kind of directory websites and ecommerce systems your category pages are critical to your success. Each of the category pages needs to be optimised to ensure that it will rank highly on your target keywords.

Other areas such as duplicate meta title, descriptions i.e. the following seems to be used for every profile created.

“Find private tutors online for maths, science, languages, english, music, piano, violin, guitar and more subjects in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. Find the best private tutors and discounted lessons in Australia at tutors field.”

Overall the site looks really nice but the optimisation needs significant work if you’re going to make it successful long term. I’d recommend a complete SEO audit of your site to address all of the issues comprehensively and take it from there.

Hope this helps