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Wheel Buddy
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Study’s Fun, post: 212115 wrote:
Hi Byron,

Thanks a lot for the information, it’s very helpful. It takes some time for us to complete the url rewrite. For now, we added couple of pages in the footer area such as maths tutors, tutors Melbourne and created a specific page for that. I am going to write some short content to optimise it too.

I notice when I search for the word “maths tutors”, the first result appearing on Google is tutor finder and their url is like our current url. Do you know why their website would appear at top position even though their url is not optimised? Is there any other important factors that would affect the ranking?

Thank you once again,

Hi Delon

Perhaps using traditional methods such as adding those specific keywords into alt tags for images.

For example whenever you add a tutor save his image as maths-tutor-29956.jpg in your database or whatever and in the html code add an alt tag for the suburb or state.

You could also create more backlinks by contacting local schools and trying to get links from their websites as that would rank.

You will need to find a way also to put keywords such as “maths tutor” into H1 or H2 tags somewhere in the website.

Umm also hmmmmm keep in mind you cant win on every keyword so your better to focus your website onto 2 or 3 only eg ( maths tutor , english tutor. history tutor ) otherwise it will just be a mess.

There are many many ways to rank better and not all of them I would give away for free.

Anyway best of luck