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Matt Hanson
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It does make sense, thanks.

My only concern is that my clients are ideally long term (1 year and longer), and if I raise prices I want to do it across the board (for every one) because it creates headaches otherwise when I get to invoicing. Also a key ingredient to my success has been transparency in my delivery and advertising of what I’m all about (including prices).

When my pries go up I unintentionally punish my good students that always pay on time, practise, enjoy lessons, and make my life a breeze. I don’t want to punish them (in a sense) although I do have my own financial goals that is more important.

I am okay with putting my prices up for future students and accept less signing up, but it becomes a little more difficult when I have to apply the new fees to existing and ongoing students. This is why I usually go up each 6 months or a year.