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thekindconsultant, post: 212337, member: 65902 wrote:
For simplicity, I recommend Insightly. It’s no-frills. It’s suitable for storing information. But not a lot else.
I’d have to disagree that it’s only suitable for storage.

It’s been a while since I used it regularly, but not only did it store doc’s/emails per project, or client, you could set up repeat process tasks for managing projects, get project status, a full calendar task list, contacts, clients etc etc etc.

It’s not that pretty, but it was very intuitive to use. I used it to manage masses of documentation and emails on projects with non flexible deadlines (large construction tenders). I would be managing quite a few of these at any one time for a large range of principals bidding … it took a lot more than storage to manage this efficiently and Insightly was an important part of managing that workflow.