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Your Local Tyre Truck, post: 212204 wrote:
We are finally there! 12 months in the planning, all the hoops jumped through and we are around 7 days from being able to trade! I have one request from you fine folk. Could you please provide some feedback on my website? I have built it myself, and I had this vision of a perfect website, but I’m not so sure its anyway close to good.
I would also like to say, 90% of my ideas and content creation has been from this great website Flying Solo. Thanks so much to you all for contributing or answering my silly questions. It has been my main source of assistance through the whole process. I would like to add a huge shout out to Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing. Ive been listening to one of his pod-casts every day, and if you haven’t heard of them, get onto it right now. So much GOLD in every episode.

Looking forward to you feedback on my website, Thanks!
ChrisWhat’s your website link?