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CarolynW, post: 212212 wrote:
Hi everyone

I would love to know if anyone is using (or has used successfully) a shipping forwarder or consolidator. I frequently import products from the US, however orders are often smaller across a variety of suppliers/brands. Shipping is just way out of reach this way and it has been suggested to me to try a forwarder or consolidator to reduce the costs.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Looking forward to hearing some suggestions asap.


Hi Carolyn

Whilst i do not have a solution for you, and whilst we are talking about consolidating, you may find it best to have just one thread on this topic so all replies can be reviewed in the one thread. Might be simpler to remove the one from ‘selling online’ as it is a duplicate post.

Just a thought, also i know there are a few members in here dealing with the USA although not 100% sure of shipping methods so will look forward to following more replies.


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