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bb1, post: 212229, member: 53375 wrote:
Great set off questions for someone just setting out, more people should ask or at least ponder these before jumping in.

Thank you bb1.

Firstly can I say that your reply came across as someone with wisdom and experience and I appreciate the need to tread cautiously.
What I understand from your post is a need to implement a market strategy!

Great advice! Rest assure I have one well in advance.

I will endeavour to post relevant information for further consideration.

bb1, post: 212229, member: 53375 wrote:
what do you consider as low as possible..

I can not answer this question realistically. My idea of fair wouldn’t represent reality.

This is a question somebody has the answer too. That I know, and someone has the ability to offer their services below those that I find through search engines and advertisements. Just like any service.

I’m still not clear on the mandatory costs all web stores face regardless??

  • Website hosting or hosted package
  • PayPal fees (or payment gateway fees if you accept credit cards etc).

Knowing his would then help to shape my budget knowing what overheads I need to cover but whatever they are I will cover them just want to ensure I get the best and lowest charges possible!

  • Shipping costs via Australia post
  • Marketing costs (buyers won’t just find your website you have to promote it)
  • Your time
  • Packaging costs

Your product costs (cost of good sold)

All these costs are known and recorded

bb1, post: 212229, member: 53375 wrote:
The big thing to do first it to research the market for the product you are planning to sell. You mention Ebay, the only cost with trying out the market on Ebay is to pay small fee’s if you sell a product..

I have studied Ebay. It’s hard not too. They monopolise so much online real estate they are basically cyber bacteria. I have spoken with Ebay consultants sharing my concerns about the service they provide and easily worked out processes that dishonestly influence many aspects of their service. All they could say is ‘there is an element of risk when using this service.’

Outside of Ebay I am familiar with Amazon, Might Ape, Fishpond, Gumtree, Tag N Trade, Can We Haggle, Lloyds Auctions – among many other possible sites where I can list items for sale as an individual. I have many other ways through social networks to sell items as well. Not my issue really.

Finalising the best and most cost effective online store possible.

I’ll ask this question as I’ve never seen any reference to it?

Is it possible to purchase a second hand store? Perhaps known as an online business opportunity?

I still may list items on Ebay.com.au and link my store via the profile and try to entice potential buyers.

I have a excellent knowledge of my product. That will become obvious once my many different social networking profiles are linked to my web address.


I have capital tied up in rare and hard to find stock that I need to turn over to buy more. I will strategically use listing to draw buyers to my store and the quality of product and knowledge that I am prepared to share in regards to items of a collectible nature should continue to have one time visitors continue to visit.