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John Debrincat, post: 212242, member: 2969 wrote:
Hello and hope the injury is improving for you but good to see you are filling in the time.

There is great information at http://www.digitalbusiness.gov.au it contains lots of practical information that is pretty accurate.

We did a presentation on building a business plan for ecommerce which you can find on Slide Share it is a couple of years old but still accurate – http://www.slideshare.net/ecorner/e-corner-ecommercestrategy2013. The issues of costs and some example information can be found from around slide 26.

It is important to have a budget and to manage it but looking for the cheapest alternative won’t always provide a workable solution.

Thank you John! Fantastic post! It does indeed give me options to chew on!
Firstly I must say your post reads as a person extremely knowledgeable so thank you. I certainly will follow your links and look at the relevant information.
The under lining cliché in this message seems to be ‘you get what you pay for!’

I couldn’t agree more.

The only concern I find is online entities that are good at what they do realise there is a formula for everything and are extremely well drilled in applying their experience to making others believe they are something that they aren’t.

Online dating is a sham, you don’t get any value for money no matter what they would have you believe is a better method to success.

Ebay – Shopify, how can they justify their charges when they don’t supply you with anything but their ‘financially self motvated’ ideal of the best way to sell products.

It’s like playing a poker machine.
They attract you with the colourful lights, music! (or promise of massive traffic flows you still have to learn how to tap into)
They are happy to supply everyone with the thought you can win, but the odds are forever stacked against you and the only winners are those that don’t play their poker machines in the first place.
The relevance being they over charge out of greed for profit and control of online markets and commodities. I won’t contribute unless I am also getting what I want from their websites!

Thank to everyone, extremely wise and thoughtful … I shall battle on