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dj_nitro, post: 212545, member: 66137 wrote:
After the great advice given I linked up with all relevant information that members had posted!

bb1 and e-commerce’s links were pretty well the best source of information anyone starting out could read for piece of mind and absolute reassurance. The slide show is worth a look for invaluable tips that one should consider but for me starting out big business is on there own!

Soooo after all that I’ve decided to DIY, to keep my costs at a minimum.

(costs and charges are massively over priced and disappointing when you dig down and release why, one day I hope to change this for the better so everyone can have a fair go online!)

I realise this is the hardest option and that challenge alone inspires me and that security can be an issue from cyber terrorists and hackers, reason many leave it to the over priced kings of drama, but am confident after what I have researched if I follow the proven formula, stick to the path, I should be right!

Writing code, I assume some people can invent code? I’ve never tried to learn and wouldn’t know or understand what the fundamentals are to do make code or script but I can liken it to a musical instrument that once you know where the basic chords are you can start to put them in your own arrangement and make a new song of your own?

I like the idea of learning this as I realise no one knows how to get traffic to their door better then the next person. Clearly search engines are compromised and other ways need to be found to break the stranglehold!

I might discover a system that works for me?!

I am familiar with HMTL though, whether it’s similar to code or is code who knows but I have read that anyone designing by themselves will need to consult with a professional web designer and need a good team around them?

Hopefully not! I’m going in alone!

Thank you our honest talking contributor Greg_M who pointed me in the direction of CMS suppliers Joomla. I think I might use this to build the site. Unless someone can unequivocally say there is a better product to use for free also? Possibly because of the plug ins or ability they have that this doesn’t? It seemed to have everything I wanted and I looked at 10 that were rip offs and then this which is free and basic and all I need to start with.

Australian commercial domains (.com.au) $24 min 2years

Small-to-medium e-commerce websites $200 to $300 year (300 = $25 month)

I still need to find the perfect host! I am happy to pay $25 a month if required but cheaper if it suits my needs is a bonus too!
… but these are the over heads I face currently.

I have taken 3 pages of notes just on what I need to build my store.
From T&C’s – store policies to customer relations feedback.
From providing a search engine for customers to the use of metadata for sitemapping.
Tips on how to make the site phone friendly to checking to ensure all links work, pages load, check shopping cart after changes and before the grand opening!

I now know what a favicon is and what purpose an SSL Certificate serves. Who would have thunk it … I took note of the common mistakes as listed when i read them and ready to go!

Along the way I visited other stores and no offense to whoever stores they were I’m going to use theirs sites as a welcome matt to clean my shoes to enter mine once it is completed and has my dj_nitro finish to it! haha, I can only hope :D

My theme will be one that people remember guaranteed!

Thank you everybody, if anyone knows of n Australian based host that is awesome please share them with me as the most tiring part is constantly being disappointed by those taking advantage by leaving out options that clearly should be there when others can offer it!

‘ll be back to let you know how I went or perhaps looking for advice on something from my follow web designers!

If you really looking for a real solution to host your own website.

Use Opensource shopping cart – OpenCart is best and easy to understand and use.
You definitely need website hosting and domain name registration – try hostgator for that.
Once you brought hosting and you can go ahead and install your shopping cart, just follow instructions. http://www.opencart.com
You can also later buy template which suits your need from templatemela or other sellers, just google it.
You can use paypal as payment gateway which doesn’t cost anything, just it deducts some percentage from every sale. And, it already inbulit extension in opencart. You just need to have paypal seller account.

Technology: If you are happy to learn bit of technology you can host your own website under $150/year.
Time: It might be time consuming to list your products, edit them, editing images.
Marketing: Bringing target customers can bit hard sometimes. So you need to think about marketing strategy as well.

Hope this help