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Greg_M, post: 212610, member: 38207 wrote:
The address is correct, I think what has happened is ?? … I just typed it in, I did not do it as a link … the posting widget has done it automagically where there is no actual link happening.

Fret not of what ye ponders scribe of learned knowledge … it be ye ol Windows 7 32bit operating system not able to run the email clients and so when one does try to select email through the default setting no option for email appears thus can not be set consequences then being to click of an email link the operating system can not process it.
It seems crazy that there isn’t an systems update that fixes this but I’ll look into that when I get a chance and just go manually for the time being

It’s been ANZAC Day here, and if you are based here you’ll know what I’m talking about sooo spent the day away from the desk pc where I do all this from and haven’t linked the new email address to my phone as yet.

I will head to that and here and Facebook and Twitter quickly.