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John Debrincat
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Rosemark, post: 212238 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I hope everything is going well with your respective ventures.

I’m looking for suggestions on how I might be able to sell through a website but only sell locally with the intention to expand to other locations in the future. I know it sounds a bit counter intuitive to sell online and restrict it by geography but I am planning on starting with low levels of stock, I will be able to focus my marketing and they are bulky items that are expensive to transport.

One thought I had was just to note on the website that I will be expanding to other regions and if a customer was interested in the product they could leave their email address and postcode and I would let them know when it is available in their region. Though I’m not sure anyone would bother and they may just look elsewhere.
Another thought was to have a location specific website such a http://www.Brisbane.Example.com.au.
I would love to hear any thoughts on these approaches or alternate approaches that could be taken.

Thanks in advance FS community.

Hello Rosemark,

There is nothing wrong with starting local. Many online store systems will allow you to set the ranges of postcodes and regions that are acceptable to allow orders. But simply stating that you are accepting orders within a certain range would be ok. Using Google Local Business you can get targeted search results from your local area.

But I guess my key question is why?

If people are outside your area can they come and pickup for example?

A benefit to selling online is the ability to expand the area into which you can sell.