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Anon, post: 212360 wrote:
Is anyone reading what I wrote? I already said they are entitled to the domain name and if they want it I would give it to them.

Hi Anon

I think they are reading your post although are advocating you should probably note that the domain is easily forfeited based on your explanation through submittal of request with AuDa etc.. Although it is not exactly what you are asking, the other replies are just pointing out the ‘obvious’ in this situation.

Although i think you will unlikely get free legal advice saying you could be sued, it is a fair assumption that using someone’s both legal and trademarked domain name (or name at all) is something to tread extremely lightly around. If you want a concrete reply about your own legal standing should you pursue the usage of this trademarked name etc i personally would be suggesting you speak to your own legal team to get true and paid advice that may provide you a more accurate depiction of your query. It will also allow you to go back to your advisor, should something occur, and have them protect you as per their original advice.

Furthermore, and i know its not related to your query directly, i am curious if being deceitful in the redirect of a famous trademarked name to your own website with only 100 hits per day would do your own name and service (whatever it is as we are unaware) any justices or injustices?

Sounds like you may need to bounce this off of someone close to you to get a confidant in some way so you can go back and forth to thrash out the idea and/or situation.


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