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My first problem…I knew the problem and solution, but didn’t know what the product was until I went to the order page and read “Our wormwood preparation is a fibre containing garlic and oregano. It’s the strongest blend of certified organic and 100% natural herbs”.
Was it a liquid, tablets, powder? This is what I was thinking as I scrolled through each page. Some images of the product should be on every page. Having said that, it’s not a very sexy looking product, is it? Are you restricted to the packaging you currently have? Can it be “prettied up” at all?
And this sentence concerned me “Use as directed and don’t forget to seek professional health care advice”. Do I seek the advice before I take it, while taking it?

And I would change this line “If you have any questions you can call me (mob: 0413 155 464)” to “call our team”, “call us”, or something similar.

Hope this helps.
Wendy :)