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John Debrincat
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Hello Kingshuk,

There are two issues here:

1. What’s legal and as mentioned it depends on you shipping and returns policy you can check out consumerlaw.gov.au that have some good guidance.

2. But the bigger issue frankly is about customer service and what you want your customers to expect and accept. You will find that most successful online retailers accept a return without any discussion or dispute. The only exceptions are some clothes (if they have been open and worn) and food stuff. Even with clothes there is a degree of latitude. So basically do you want to be known as easy to deal with? If you give good customer service ask for a reference or review. That can often pay 10 fold for the cost of the return.

You can also get some pretty good commercial legal advice from http://www.lawpath.com.au and I think that they are on Flyingsolo – https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/profile/lawpath-39057

good selling