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Bert, I don’t know the legalities either, and see the moral issue and the customer service issue as two separate things.

In terms of morals, I wouldn’t have a problem being charged a fee (processing fee or whatever you want to call it) for a return where I “changed my mind”. Different story if the goods were faulty, but as a consumer I accept I should absorb some pain for what is essentially wasting other peoples time and money out of what is my fault. (Is there a moral responsibility on the customer? I think so.)

I remember reading in a forum not too long ago about a lady (in the US I think) who, instead of waiting and spending time to fit on clothes, buys several different sizes, takes them home to try on, then returns the ones she doesn’t want. This was OK for her, I found it to be quite ignorant. This sort of thing, if done by enough people, can create all sorts of havoc with stock control and ultimately raises costs and prices, meaning that people are essentially paying more for their products, which ultimately leads them to complain about something they themselves caused.

In terms of customer service, that then comes down to whether one sees the benefit in just accepting the goods back or not. That decision may be different depending on the level of returns. An if you are getting enough returns that it causes a problem, then you probably have more to worry about than just that.