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supanatural, post: 214682, member: 5997 wrote:
We recently had a ebay buyer file a dispute on us stating the product was cheap and didn’t work. We replied with offer to assist and with links. The next reply was ‘Thanks, I didn’t try that but I just want a refund as they brought something else. We accepted the return in remorse. The product turned up with no box or manual making it not fit for resale. Ebay would refund the buyer regardless as they can’t verify the returned item. We have no choice other than refund as we don’t want bad feedback. In this situation what would people do?


eBay doesnt play fair, as you know, and is heavily stacked to protect buyers… The moment you advise you have received the item, regardless of condition or packaging etc, eBay will side with buyer and PayPal dispute resolved in favour of buyer. Its near impossible to alter the outcome, once you have (or admit to having) the item in hand :(

If its done by paypal you are best just to resolve, if it was not with paypal you then need to decide if your feedback score is the utmost important thing to you and if it is (which i believe it is in this case) i would suggest refunding after feedback has been left. I put that in bold as i believe this will go against most peoples preferred option as a buyer, although sounds like they are partially holding you to ransom – although, if they are holding you to ransom and its in an ebay email speak to ebay, they will potentially resolve in your favour :)

eBay doesnt play by standard rules or regulations of any governing country or align itself with any standard consumer affairs and actually protects the buyers even more that expected.. This is how they are successful, even though the sellers are the ones they technically receive the money from its the protection offered to the buyer by paypal/ebay that ensures sales occur..Thus the protection of buyer at all costs.. LOL

Sorry i rambled a little.. if paypal you will have no choice i feel, and if not paypal the ball will be in your court as to the imperative nature of your feedback (personally i can take a hit on one or 2 with mine, although i prefer not to).. sometimes you need to let pride go, accept this customer as an odd ball and just do whats right for your business..


ps.. re not having packaging or manual, isnt there a way you can get this from a local sale if they dont want the box or manual – or even request a replacement from your supplier when you place the next order?

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