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HarryLuke Logistics, post: 214706, member: 34537 wrote:
As a consumer, if i read the TC and seen the above i would run for cover.. And then if i noticed the images were so different, i would buy it and then lodge a paypal dispute demanding they return the item at their cost! and also leave NEGATIVE just to pee them off..

What you think about the T&C young man!


I don’t think I need to say much, I reckon you know my thoughts on that one. And if I was after chairs I would follow your path and purchase and lodge a dispute. ACCC should be interested, and yes I don’t think Ebay would worry due to the revenue they are making.

But I guess when I get SEO and LED light people who ring me trying to sell me something (2 tonight), I turn the conversation around and try to sell them some goats.