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The form is a 484 and you need to complete Section B1 for cessation of office holder. If you are not a director you need to be added under section B2. For the share transfer you need to complete section C4. This can be done online via ASIC if you are game. http://asic.gov.au/regulatory-resources/forms/forms-folder/484-changes-to-company-details-for-australian-companies/

Documenting the share transfer. A simple document outlining the transferor and transferee agreeing on the transfer of XX number of ordinary shares in ABC Pty Ltd with A.C.N on X date. Signed by both parties and witnessed. Given the circumstances your lawyer could probably draft this for you if concerned. That being said you have a court order which demonstrates a requirement for the transaction to occur so I would suggest you are in a robust legal position with a basic share transfer document.

We charge about $125 Exc GST for the entire process including 484 and transfer document. Pretty cheap and probably worth the expense for peace of mind.