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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Welcome to the forums Mama Bear!

I love this approach – “I was planning on going to previous workplaces that I still have a good relationship with and speaking to them.”

For personal/family budgets, do the same – offer to help out a few of your friends for free. If you can’t convince them, find out why (if you can’t even convince your friends, you will have trouble finding clients elsewhere). If they’re up for it you’ll get some practice, and will get some feedback on how it helped them, how much you saved them, etc and you can improve different aspects of your service.

Once you have this feedback, you can offer your service more confidently, and you’ll know how to market it. For example if their biggest feedback is “we’ve finally paid off our credit card!” then you have a good pitch to get your next customer.

Good luck!