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We use Shopify. The Xero interconnectivity sucks, as we are looking at opening a second store for my wife business (under same ABN), so then there is two lots of fees for the two stores, plus two integration charges. All just to balance books.

We don’t even want to bring in the invoices to Xero as there is no need to duplicate this info. We just want the merchant feeds so we can calculate the correct income and expenses of fees.

PayPal feed comes in fine. As there is a PayPal option in Xero. Allows us to see what we got paid, the fee paid, and this way will calculate the gross revenue. All lists nicely on our balance sheet.

Stripe they don’t offer a feed in service. Or is that Xero don’t offer a feed in service? Either way it doesn’t work.

So we will see the amount hit our linked bank account in Xero once Stripe rolls it over. But say we charge $20 for a product, it will only be say $18 in our account. Which then doesn’t give us the full revenue, doesn’t show the $2 fee paid to stripe, and going forward with GST wouldn’t report correctly as it wouldn’t report the 10% in the $20 or the input credit from Stripes fees.

MYOB. XERO. Quickbooks. All of them suck if you run an online store. Stuck in the past and hoping 3rd party bolt ons work, which they don’t, not for an extra $50 USD per integration.

Was actually looking to move to Braintree for payments – again no support, so will only see the net amount hitting our account, not the gross sale amount and then the fees.