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bricebro, post: 217796, member: 65722 wrote:
Hi Elizabeth,
I have read this thread now, if you are still in search of manufacturer of custom boxes / packaging with free delivery to your doorstep. I know an online company from where you can get your desired packaging with free design support and a lot more with best quality product. Visit https://www.thecustomboxes.com.au and get help along with all related details for your product.

Hi bricebro, and thanks for joining the forum.

In keeping with our forum guidelines, could you please clarify for us whether you’re affiliated with the company you’ve recommended?

If so, please also add a forum signature that includes those details so that anyone who is interested in learning more can do so easily, and so that all your posts are completely transparent. (To set that up, hover over your forum nickname in the green bar above the forum, and then choose Signature).

Thank you :)