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TehCamel, post: 213101, member: 7341 wrote:
I also had a similar occurence with the company who hosts my website. I might have not “24” websites with them and after being down for almost a day, they specifically told me that the email wasn’t included under SLA so I was sweet out of luck.

Assuming this is the same Melbourne based provider that I have my VPS’s through I’d be interested to hear of your bad experience.

I’d keep my “web” servers with them for far more reasons then just “24”. Whilst I did have a 1 week period with some performance degradation (lasting only a few minutes each time) they’ve been nothing short of perfect outside of that.

Attentive sales/support team and offering a great price for the type of VPS I wanted.

Jason, you’re at the size where I’d definitely suggest splitting out your DNS/Web/Mail servers. It might cost you an extra $5-$10/month but what’s $100/year to know that you shouldn’t lose web and email at the same time. You’ll also get the advantage of centralised storage for your email/documents if you use something like Office365 or Google Apps (Office365 is way better!)