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Hey Roasted,

Unfortunately there is no other way to register “com.au” domains without an ABN. James’ advice definitely hits the nail on the head and it is a quick process that I personally have done myself to secure my company’s AUS domain.

On another note, I would seriously recommend that once you have your ABN and are registering your ‘com.au’ pay that little bit extra and obtain ‘.com’ in the same name (if not already taken). You may have no intention of expanding your brand beyond our shores but you definitely do not want someone else owning the top level web address or receiving free web traffic from clumsy typists that you have spent money marketing towards.

Some would say I too am a clumsy typists.

With your ‘.com’ domain you can simply ‘park it’. Essentially do nothing with it and pay small annual/bi annual registration fees to keep ownership of it.

Matt Maher