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Burgo, post: 214154, member: 58 wrote:
I left 30 years ago from General manager Sales and Marketing for a group of 11 companies to a Cleaner

An opportunity came along for me to try something different and be my own boss so I took it. Fortunately my wife was working.

I still enjoy being involved in the cleaning industry, it has been good to me and I try to give something back

I dont miss a thing I have the freedom to do what I like change direction make decisions on the spot and only answer to me

Do it dont hesitate
Thanks [USER=58]@Burgo[/USER] – did the opportunity for you to be your own boss impact positively on your relationship with your kids? (apologies if I am making the assumption you have kids!)

Are there other things from a ‘life balance’ point of view that were impacted positively from moving out of the corporate world?