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Hey Jason, Love your short stories, they always make pleasant reading.

I can vouch that its best to stick to your price, don’t join the race to the bottom, because that way no one wins, we will always have the people offering rock bottom prices, doesn’t mean we have to follow. we will always have clients who are after rock bottom prices, but they are also the ones who complain the most.

An example from me, not long after starting this business I won a $20k a year contract for a 2 year period, after the 2 year period, I retendered, but was beaten on price by an opponent, who had inside knowledge of my price. I was given the opportunity to cut my price but stuck to my guns, and he was awarded a 2 year contract.

Just 9 months in and I was asked if I could urgently come back and take over the contract, as the other business was not performing and just doing a shoddy job (not naming so I can say that). Now I am onto my 3rd 2 year contract, and they don’t even bother to retender as they have seen what can happen if you just go for price alone.

I have missed out on jobs purely on price as I charge at the higher end, but I take the view I would rather work for someone willing to pay for the job, rather than just the cheapest. Plus a purely selfish view point if I can make the income I want in a year by only doing X jobs a week instead of X plus 10, all the better.

hope I haven’t rambled.