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VikkiB, post: 214422, member: 67704 wrote:
I am tossing up going with a developer for under $5,000 (aud) or using shopify.

Hi VikkiB,

What do you expect for your $5000?

A website designed?
A website built?
‘X’ Number of categories/products setup?
A marketing plan?
Graphic Design?
Product Photography?
Social profiles?
Targeted written content?

You could spend $5000 with a web designer who then struggles to put that nice design in to a clean and functional website that helps a visitor buy from you.

You could spend $5000 with a web developer that has a nicely coded website with average stock photos and is easy for a visitor to get through, but no plan forward for actually getting people to it.

You could spend $5000 with a consultant that puts together a marketing plan including keywords/phrases to focus on and a social engagement plan whilst building your own templated Shopify store.

What I’m getting at is there’s lots of different ways to spend $5000 on a website/online presence. And there are lot’s of people out there charging that much that don’t really know what they’re doing unfortunately..

With that said, it’s not all bleak as there are a lot of very honest people on here that will help you figure out what you need and there are also people who can say honestly whether they can do it for you or not.

Good luck :)