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checkvault, post: 214969, member: 64474 wrote:
Hi Angela,

As most members have mentioned here. Very clean and easy to use website. From a more technical stand-point I’d say it’s laid out well so that someone who’s come to learn about your company can find their way into the right sections without too much trouble.

Couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I won’t say because it’s a simple information site. Even those can be done horribly sometimes. But it isn’t in your case.

Well done.


Hi Prathamesh,

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words and expert opinion. I’m glad we haven’t made any wrong moves yet! We’re planning on adding some more complex elements soon (but still very much information focused) so hopefully we’ve got a good foundation to build on.

Also, thank you so much for your call this morning. I look forward to chatting with you again shortly. :-)