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genie.gif Hi Mandy!

Maclean from eWAY here, I’m one of the integration specialists here and can definitely recommend some solutions to you.

Firstly, a warning.. Selling automatically issued coupons/vouchers/license keys is a high risk category for online selling so you’ll need to ensure you’ve got some protection in place for this. As an example there was a merchant selling Steam (online game downloads) vouchers that were issued automatically and they were attacked as someone hit them with a bunch of generated card numbers during the night and went and spent the vouchers through Steam before the merchant woke up.

MattMaher mentioned WooCommerce above, this is a pretty good recurring/subscription solution and it supports digital products (which automatically remove shipping from the checkout experience) as well as supporting eWAY for the payments with our enterprise fraud prevention (the above merchant did not have this and it would have saved them a lot of fraud).

If you know someone who’s good with WordPress/WooCommerce and they owe you a favour or like you a lot you could get that site setup for about $500-$700 for the basics plus ongoing fees, you obviously need to market it as well and get some good content written – this is where the cost will come in.

JohnTranter and JohnD mentioned some hosted solutions, they all work with subscription/recurring except BigCommerce doesn’t support this with eWAY, not sure if they support it with other gateways.

I’ve had to really skip across a lot of info, do get in touch with us if you’ve got any questions about the payment side and feel free to ask on here as well!