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A couple of comments:-

  • Grocery shopping- $20.00 per delivery, are you saying that you will just pick it up at the supermarket and then deliver, but you don’t pick. Because if you are including the picking instore, wow that’s cheap you can come do mine, 1/2 shopping, waiting in queue, than deliver to door for $20.
  • A little consisting or clarification on your GST, one page says Ex GSt, $5 for bin putting out. whereas most other prices don’t make any comment on GST. But my big question is does this mean it is $5 plus GST or are you just not registered, so no GST. It’s confusing as there is no consistency. Are you or are you not registered.
  • Ok think I have just answered my question, you are not registered for GST. But the way you have the inconsistency it is confusing.
  • Just on the bin pricing, that’s cheap, I know its a 30 second job, but what if you have to travel there and back just to put a bin out. I had a body corporate ask me to do it once, I found 2 problems, first been to make money, I had to include travel both ways plus the 30 seconds to put the bin out. Bt the other it does tie you down to having to be at that residence every Tuesday night for 30 seconds, and Every Wednesday morning. I know it doesn’t sound a lot, but may not always work out with other jobs you have on the other side of town, that’s why your pricing needs to be able to cover it.
  • No we are not a dating portal although our scutters are pretty cute, Be very very careful with comments which can be seen as sexist, and yes your scutters may be males, just be careful
  • Like Dave said, Sell your offering when I first land, don’t make me scroll, I will loose interest
  • Just a little additional service – Ironing
  • I find a couple of your pages a little difficult to read due to the colour choices, ie Scutwork Checkin, the blue and white. Maybe a darker blue or something.
  • Anoher little consistency thing, on the drop down, Gold Coast res check, than the actual heading is Scutwork Check in. Just confusing
  • Just my personal thing, . You are asking me to ring you to let you in my house to clean it, or whatever other service I want, but I can’t see you, or even see your name on the website. This is a personal service, make your website a little personal, you have tried that with some humour, now really make it personal and add name and maybe a picture.