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PlanJapan, post: 214667, member: 63982 wrote:
Jason, I am sorry if you felt offended. It was not meant to offend or disrespect anyone, but I still stand by what I said – often, as an owner of a start-up, you hear that you shouldn’t cut corners on this/that. Sometimes, not cutting corners is not an option.

Not willing to risk more than what you can afford is definitely NOT giving up on yourself, this is a ridiculous proposition. As a single parent, I would never borrow against my property, for example, and risk the financial security that comes with being a home owner. That doesn’t mean that I do not believe in my product, or myself. For me, it is a matter of launching NOW or launching in 2 years time. It is a no brainer which route one should go down to.

A lot of very successful people stand by the same advice – only risk what you can afford to lose.

And there is a lot to be said for lean startup philosophy, too. The time to launch is now, and it is better to act and learn through mistakes than delay forever or risk your and your children’s livelihood.

Has Naomi made a mistake with her choice of online provider? Perhaps. But no need for jabs that her cheap solution is costing her already. She spent what she could afford. I also agree that there are just too many ecommerce platforms to design your own, but money has already been spent. For her cute children’s product, perhaps she should have set up a quick shop in Shopify.

Forward planning is great. But if sales take off, so will revenue. Then, she can hire consultants and get a entire shopping solution quickly configured for her. She just needs to be educated about pre-fab options. But I think people are over-dramatizing the situation and planting fear and doubt into her mind.

Ok so this is my second post in 1 day on same thread by same person that I take offence to again.

I am so apologetic but your comments are just baloney! No one is telling Naomi that she has done anything wrong not taking a jab at her and not are they telling her to spend more money (which is what your argument appears to be about). Merely advising to look ahead.

You compare spending more money than you are willing to lose, so if Naomi could build platform A for $500 and platform B for $500 with be being the better option are you saying that we should not provide advice on this?

And my comment about ‘backing oneself’ wasn’t saying you did not, and as you are consciously aware, spending money in the right place is so so so important.

Unfortunately you appear to have completely misread my reply (replies) as I dont recall saying that if you don’t spend more than you can afford you are giving up on yourself. I do recall saying that if I some people only spend $500 that they can walk away if it doesn’t proceed. I can see how you may have linked that yo monetary comments, but it was not about how much one spends but a mind set.

Also, I am not sure why you are talking about mortgages, financing and the liles other than this appears to be on your mind as I don’t think it’s on anyone else’s. By the way, have you read any other posts by Naomi about her progression to this awesome business? Such as deciding in which web site etc? Just curious.

Naomi could have built a woocommerce site and be up and running for 12 months with SSL for around $200 if she wanted to. But that’s irrelavant.

Each and every reply had been provided as a thought, feedback and guidance.

On a different note, I love your philosophy on spending for your business and that many others also support not spending more than you can lose. So true, although it is a wiser person that spends on what is important and priorities appropriately as to ensure maximum ROI. Sometimes, people overlook this and plough money into stock or extensions of stock before ensuring revenue is there in the first place. What came first, the chicken or the egg?


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