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Think you are best discussing this with your accountant, they will be able to provide you some ‘personal’ advice re this matter more tailored to your situation.

From my perspective, if the intended purpose is driven by personal objectives and requirements i think it is hard to justify the trip. If you are just ‘adding’ the showroom visits to look like work and there is no real business benefit to the trip, again unsure if claimable.

It depends on how you present it, and not sure an open forum like this is the best way to seek ‘tailored’ advice trying to circumvent ATO guidelines.

Key thing is, is the expense business related.

There are so many factors, lets say you sell $20k a year and you are travelling with an expense of $22k, not sure this is justifiable.. Again this is just an example as to why your own personal business accountant may be the best option ;)


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