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Hi Conrad,

Congratulation on importing your first container! Importing is easy, selling is harder! :)

1 & 3: Contact a freight importer, they will do all the hard work! I have never imported a container, only shared containers, but I think all up it will cost you around $5k (freight, taxes, fees etc..). Best you ask for a quote. I would recommend cable international services (custom broker) in surry hills.

2. Insurance is easy. The best one out there is HWA insurance brokers. Will cost you about $850 for the entire year. It can also cover domestic freight (Number is 1800 656 836)

4- Flying directly is great, however, if you are on a budget, you are best to contact an inspection team. They are specialised in this field. http://www.asiainspection.com Will cost you about $350-$500 depending on how detailed you want the report. You can even book them to inspect your goods and containers before shipping.

Hope this helps.