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Byron Trzeciak
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Hey Naomi,

You’re absolutely right that 21.95 dinner sets is going to take considerable time to return even when looking at the cheaper side of SEO at $500. In saying that what John says about onsite optimisation and website structure can be a huge benefit especially in low competition environments.

Rather than looking at monthly options you may be better looking at some fixed time on your site to complete the onsite optimisation or alternatively looking at some training or mentoring. For example you might look at 10 hours onsite optimisation for $1000 which is a once off cost and may provide greater benefit for return over time.

I’d have to know more about your competitors or target keywords to give you a better answer on what might work.

In terms of hiring please ask in this forum on advice for which SEO agencies will do a good job for you. Ask for referrals or case studies and ensure that you know what you’re getting. I’d be happy to have a chat with you too about what I offer.