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Peter’s pretty much on the money from my perspective, you’ve both correctly noted that 2 websites with the same content is bad for SEO, but it also creates headaches with creating content on 2 websites at once.
For my clients selling over multiple countries we use the same website but with a store switch for each country/currency. (i.e. 1 website, multiple stores)

You’ll need to be able to add the following to the site

1) Add multi warehouse inventory to the site. A quick Google gives a couple of extensions for Shopify e.g. https://apps.shopify.com/stitch-labs
Assign 1 warehouse per country
2) Add multiple currencies to the site, I’m not sure how Shopify copes but with my clients we automatically update the exchange rate daily and update the foreign store prices based the current rate.
3) Add a store switch in the header, so a customer can select which country/currency they want to see the site in
4) Scan incoming customer’s IP addresses, and assign the store based on the IP address. This isn’t 100% accurate, so allowing them to change store as per #2 if they’ve been assign incorrectly, is vital.
5) Tax – you’ll want to be able to vary the tax based on location. i.e. GST vs VAT in your case.

That’s pretty much it for the basics. You may run into headaches if you’re using an Inventory or Accounting package that tracks sales, because the standard integration apps may not cope with multi-warehouse inventory.

Ideally you also need to be able to localise some of the content, so that you’re using local spelling, phrases and images.
Promotions may also need to be localised, especially if your product is seasonal. You don’t want to be running a winter special during the British summer.

I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure how easy this is with Shopify, so you could run a separate website for now whilst looking at other platforms that may be easier to integrate.