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Hi Snakeman,
Your question is incomplete and is therefor likely to lead you towards bad assumptions and actions.

A couple of us shared some industry or business type mobile phone stats on this FS thread in March 15.

My mobile phone stats range was:

  • 3 x offline retailers = 39% (ave.) mobile phone access
  • 2 x alternative medicine clinics = 29% ave.
  • Catering service = 17%
  • B2B wholesaler = 11%
  • Industrial manufacturer = 11%
  • 2 x web designers = 8% ave

As you see, the numbers vary enormously. The other contributer reported a similar range.

You also need to assess a bunch of other important criteria before you can arrive at any action decisions. Eg.

a. The incidence of visits by:

  • Existing customers
  • Repeat vs new sessions

b. Volume of page visits and time on site for mobile phone vs desktop/tablet
c. Landing page for mobile phone vs desktop/tablet
d. Pages visited for mobile phone vs desktop/tablet
e. Time of day, day of week for mobile phone vs desktop/tablet

If you are running ad campaigns you would want to look at a bunch of other metrics specific to this application.

According to the reports I read, G is having a lot of trouble delivering clicks-throughs for mobile ads vs desktop. I’m seeing reports of a very high level of accidental clicks on G mobile ads vs desktop searches. I am not saying don’t advertise on mobile, I’m saying measure and assess very carefully before you draw action plans.

Another factor to consider is what info does a mobile phone user search for vs a desktop user. They are frequently totally different and you need to target the different search needs of the different device users AND to measure these as very different outcomes.

Search info sought by the different device users is getting very little attention at present and it is mission critical.

There is certain info that is much more likely to be relevant to a mobile phone searcher than a desktop/tablet searcher. This should include:

  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Directions
  • Nearby products/services
  • Price comparisons

Here is one recent clue from G on this. “Google Says “Near Me” Searches Have Doubled This Year

It seems to me you will be largely left to your own local knowledge and marketing commonsense at present.

You are in the entertainment business. The questions I’d pose would include:

  • When (how far in advance) do potential customers search for your type of entertainment?
  • Do potential customers come to you or do you go to them?
  • Do you participate in offline advertising/promotion?
  • Do you want people to book/order online?
  • What social media promotion do you implement and how should your website support it?
  • What online advertising do you implement and how should your website support it?
  • If someone is holding a party what info in PDF format do you need to provide for the customer to email/share with the participants? Etc.

This list is very far from complete but it may give some idea of the thought you need to give to how, when, where and why people search for your info. You then need to consider the alternative forms in which you need to deliver it AND what the info recipient then wants to do with it.

Internet marketing in the post mobile phone world has become more complex.

If people think that mobile phone use of the Internet is an alternative to desktop/mobile phone access, they have already lost the potential of the marketplace growth.