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This sounds familiar, went looking for the post although couldnt locate it.. soz.. recall a similar demanding situation from a resume writer a year or so ago.. As this is your first post, i cant truly know what you do although i hazard a guess by your name that you do resumes?

With the replies you have received already, i think you have enough to cover off not doing the weekend GIGS or even charge more like a penalty as Dave mentioned (which i love) and then decide to proceed or not..

There are 2 inherent problems here though, and this is based on the assumption of resume writing, which are:
1: The nature of this service is very personal and tends to be considered by potential clients, traditionally, over weekends similar to retail shopping. They are sitting talking with their partner and make a life changing decision to apply for a new job that they just seen online, and guess what it closes monday or tuesday – thus one version of the rush


2: Now this is the tricky one, the person who knows they want to apply for a job and start conversation with you and when get the quote to do the work, they say OH NO, i can do it.. Low and behold the weekend before it is due they sit to do their resume and guess what, they cant write it effectively and then say – shoot i better call {insert name here} to get it done asap…. LOL.. thus the phone call..

Personally, i believe this all comes down to the process leading up to the phone call – as everyone else has indicated.. There are people that ant relay boundaries well and from the initial point of contact, and then there are those that are pretty upfront about what is expected. Its a little like business, that is dealing with reciprocal business leads and creating boundaries and expectations between both parties.. What sometimes happens, is that one person is more desperate than the other and tends to be a little dominated in the relationship and this can be transposed onto businesses and clients as well.

If you give more than you are worth, over servicing, you can potentially create a negative cycle that can become difficult to remove oneself from.

unfortunately i am not tactful enough to provide you a direct way to respond to clients as my nature is upfront (with humour) and based on an extremely personal touch with each and every one of my customers and the manner in which you deal with your customers daily, will dictate how you proceed to reply to anyone that comes to you out of hours. Your total persona is important to consider when replying to anyone.

But i gotta say, i would have a laugh with the client and ask why they left it so late? Suggest that its not realistic that they have done immediately as you may have other tasks and cant allocate adequate and crucial time to get their task done in the time they want. Then push back, ask if the time ha any buffers built into it and if they are extremely persistent and demand it done, which you dont want to do, simply ask them which of your other loyal clients that have booked ahead with a timeframe in place do they want you to stop work on to complete there task? :)

Cheers and happy weekend

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