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Yes some people are rude as you put it, I have had some ring me xmas day, wanting a job done before aunt betty arrives for lunch.

But I am guessing you run a service industry, and you state you are running TV advertising, I am guessing you spend a lot on your advertising, does your TV advertising state what hours you are open, if not well than how can you expect people to know. And even if it does, you have spent money on the advertising do you want to loose the impetus while it is running hot.

Personally unless I recognize the phone number, and they are a VIP client, the phone doesn’t get answered. BUT during the first 12 months of my business, or if I was running an advertising campaign, every call would have been answered. Think about it, you only get one chance with a client, and if you have just paid X $ to get your ad in there face, do you want to send them to Joe Blogs down the road.

If someone demands a job be done there and than, consider do you have time, do you want to do the job, do you care, how many $’s do you add to your normal price to make you want to do the job.

I have quoted prices for jobs where they must have it done on a Sunday, but I make sure I will have a big smile on the dial if they accept the quote.