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Hi Heather,

Ok, so i wasnt going to reply to this post (nothing untoward, just my input i negligible) although based on your refined question i would have to say that what keeps me up at night re my inventory is very little.

Allow me to elaborate. Before getting into my business that requires a largish component of stock (value wise) i did all my due diligence which allowed me to mitigate these sleepless nights of concern re stock, although if i put on a bankers hat or insurance hat i guess i could come up with some worries that would be a ‘general’ scenario for most with stock, such as:
1. Will my stock sell? or how long will it sit there for? Which opens up the scenario of forward planning, forecasting and the likes.

2. What if my stock gets stolen or there is a fire? Opens up insurance options

3. What if my stock becomes obsolete overnight? (iphone 6 replaced by iphone 7 so your 10000000’s of cases you bought for iphone 6 slows down?) Opens up planning again and liquidation strategies

4. What if the order i placed in China doesnt show, i have been ripped off? Due diligence and homework to be done

5. What if my boat loses some containers overboard and mine was one of those shipments? (opens up insurance again).

There are a few others, although gotta fly to a meeting :)

Hope that was insightful, a little?


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