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Hi Jayne

Absolutely. Myself and 2 partners are looking at a new take on the various deals websites that are currently around. One that aims to deliver brand name, brand new, common household items from well known Australian retailers to individuals at a reduced cost. The aim being to get consumers great deals from local bricks and mortar retailers.

Unlike most other deals sites, where registered suppliers put up run-out models of stock at discounted prices and everybody has to want to same fridge, TV, dishwasher to get a deal, our solution aims to allow consumers freedom of choice to pick the make/model of item they want from trusted local retailers’ existing product range and get significant savings off RRP in the process.

We are in the process of market research and financial facts and figures gathering at the moment to test viability of the idea.

At the moment, we are trying to gain a bit of insight into retail product margins, particularly in the home electrical, whitegoods and furniture space, as this will have a significant impact on the viability of this idea from a financial standpoint.

I would be happy to share in more detail how the service will work, once we make further progress.

Happy to provide more information or address any concerns as required.