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emmyb71, post: 215486, member: 68068 wrote:
Thanks Michael and Jayne. Michael, if it’s approximately 2k per m2 that means I am looking at around 200k for 100m2 which is out of my budget :( I am hoping that if I do decide to use a shopfitter, I can get it done for under 100k.

Good point re. Shopping centres too… I am planning on a shopping strip though so hopefully I wont have to jump through too many hoops, although I did read somewhere that plans often require landlord’s approval which I would need to get prior to signing the lease.

I have been looking into permits & after discussing my project with my brother in law who is a draftsman & a building surveyor it looks like I wont need any building permits but I do need to apply for council permits for registration which requires adhering to another whole set of requirements, plans & processes.

Jayne you are spot on there. It sounded like he had been drinking! I definitely wont be using him. Luckily I have good instincts. But there are many other shopfitters out there. Just not sure if it is what I can afford.

Emmy :)

Emmy remember your square metreage price often gets cheaper the bigger you go as you have more open spaces, etc. Also the equipment required for a café could be more expensive than a salon (just my thoughts could be wrong). The best way is get your own quotes, as quotes from different industries vary so much depending on what is required..

Personally from what you have said you can project manage, have a few people around you (ie. brother in law) who seem to know about things, I would be looking at doing it myself, and avoid the cost of a shopfitter who is going to add a fair bit on for all the trades, etc.

Some electricians also know a bit about good lighting setup, I did say some, and this is where it becomes difficult, as some only know how to install to spec, but it may be worth shopping around, always ask to have a look at what similar lighting they have done.