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leonytis, post: 223160, member: 68511 wrote:
Just want to thank everyone again for all their advice, and the FLYING SOLO forum/community..

Since this post i have worked very hard, many night on the computer once the kids are asleep, and was finally able to start this business.. a lot of scary times, that seemed like i was gambling, when in reality i just did not have the knowledge behind my decisions, and left me feeling uncertain about certain things, I am glad this site was here, along with old Dr Google, to help move things along.

Definitely found the process of starting a business very satisfying and enjoyable, almost more than the service we are providing lol.

I have 12 people registered right now in work, and am in discussions about another project beginning next year for 50 people, who i have sourced throughout the past few months.

I’m about send my first invoice for the past months work, which lead me to google, and ultimately back here :)

Cheers again!!!

Thanks for taking the time to come back and let us know how things had progressed. Sending the first invoice for services rendered is a big step, congratulations. So glad you found the community helpful in your business creation :) they are an awesome bunch.