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bb1, post: 216884, member: 53375 wrote:
Interesting I have gone looking for stats that show that popups work, cant find anything except Marketing guru’s saying it works, or sales people. Besides words what stats are there.
Hi Bert,
Do any of these help?

Sep 14: Pop-Up Ads: The Most Hated Web Experience, and How to Do Them Right (If You Have To)

“Ever since the early days of online marketing, pop-up ads have been annoying. Back in 2004, pop-ups were the most hated web experience, according to Nielsen Norman Group. Since then, the inventor of pop-up ads has publicly apologized for his creation.”

Some of my pet peeves are…

Feb 15: 5 Common Website Features that Annoy B2B Buyers

“Today we’ll look at those five features – each of which peeved more than 60% of the buyers surveyed…”

Feb 14: Our themes don’t have sliders… Because sliders suck.

“It’s not often that science is conclusive in their findings. However, sliders (sometimes named carrousels) seem to be one topic on which it is. There’s literally not one study that I’ve found that says sliders are a good idea.”